Field of study: Electrical Engineering
Description: This research line deals with the analysis and development of static converters such as switch-mode power supplies, inverters, uninterrupted power supplies, among others, for various industrial applications, electrical machine drives, power quality issues, as well as applied to renewable energies. It also encompasses strategic energy processing and planning, extending to related areas, such as superconductivity and its applications, renewable energy generation systems, power distribution planning, power management, distributed generation and correlated new protection paradigms, and smart grids.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
CTMRUFES 01/07/2017 24
ProtDig Digital Protection for Power Systems 04/05/2017 48
MPC Predictive Control applied to Static Converters 15/05/2020 36
EPCMI Research, design and construction of a three-phase microinverter for processing energy from a photovoltaic module 01/02/2019 24
SST-EAP Solid State Transformer: Research, Analysis and Applications 26/07/2017 48
EPICEPVE Study, Design and Implementation of power electronic converters for application in electric vehicles. 22/05/2017 48
01/08/2014 24
01/08/2014 24
COPERE 03/05/2016 24
FATIVO2011 01/06/2011 36
01/07/2013 13
ProteGD 02/04/2015 88
CTMRUFESB 01/08/2019 24
VESolar 01/01/2018 24
MMC2014 01/08/2014 36
01/08/2014 24
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