Name: Richard Junior Manuel Godinez Tello
Type: PhD thesis
Publication date: 01/09/2016

Namesort descending Role
Andre Ferreira Co-advisor *
Sandra Mara Torres Muller Co-advisor *
Teodiano Freire Bastos Filho Advisor *

Examining board:

Namesort descending Role
Andre Ferreira Co advisor *
Antonio Mauricio Ferreira Leite Miranda de Sá External Examiner *
Eduardo Rocon de Lima External Examiner *
Patrick Marques Ciarelli Internal Examiner *
Sandra Mara Torres Muller Co advisor *
Teodiano Freire Bastos Filho Advisor *

Summary: Over the past ten years, Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) based on SteadyState Visual Evoked Potentials (SSVEP) have attracted the attention of many researchers due to the promissory results and the high accuracy rates achieved. This type of BCI provides to people with severe neuromotor difculties the possibility to communicate with the world around them using visual attention modulation to blinking lights at a given frequency. This thesis aiming at developing a new approach of Independent BCI, in which users are not required to perform neuromuscular tasks to select visual targets, a feature that distinguishes it from traditional SSVEP-BCIs. Thus, people with severe motor disabilities as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) have a new alternative channel to communicate with the world around them using brain signals. Several contributions were done in this thesis, such as: improvement
of the feature extractor called Multivariate Synchronization Index (MSI) for detecting evoked potentials; development of a new method for detecting evoked potentials through correlating multidimensional models (tensors); a frst study on the influence of colored stimuli in SSVEPs detection using LEDs; the development of the concept of Compressive sensing applied to SSVEPs; and, fnally, the development of a novel independent BCI under an approach named Figure-Ground Perception (FGP).

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