Name: Murilo Porto Amaral
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 30/06/2020

Name Rolesort descending
Jair Adriano Lima Silva Advisor *
Helder Roberto de Oliveira Rocha Co-advisor *

Examining board:

Name Rolesort descending
Jair Adriano Lima Silva Advisor *
Helder Roberto de Oliveira Rocha Co advisor *
Carlos Alberto Dalarmelina External Examiner *
Anilton Salles Garcia External Examiner *

Summary: It is presented in this dissertation the application of functional split technic applied in an access network section model, tested on a dynamic optical fronthaul simulator developed fot the 5G technology. The adjustment made by selecting a level of the fronthaul split; that reflects on several important technical aspects on the mobile radio access networks; motivated the study aim on the equipment usage optimization. It was observed that the optimal level of this adjustment is influenced by several physical aspects of the network, some of these aspects were tested on the simulator and was made a qualitative evaluation on each one of them. A metaheuristic proposition applied on the process management from the antennas to the processing units is presented. The proposition was created based on another traditional metaheuristic but presented superior results in 60% on the simulated scenarios, in contrast with the original one. Further analysis were made, from the tested data, witch characteristics should be presented on the networks that the proposal would be better applied. Besides that, it was verified the network’s total processing capacity, the number of antennas served and the hardware interconnectivity among processing resources. The results of the
numeric simulation showed that, amongst all the tested architecture, the last one, with a variation of 5%, has an impact of 4 levels on the medium value of the functional split ajustment that better optimize the resources.

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