Name: Silvio Ferreira Gaglioti
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/10/2014

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Maria Jose Pontes Advisor *

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Andres Pablo López Barbero External Examiner *
Marcelo Eduardo Vieira Segatto Internal Examiner *
Maria Jose Pontes Advisor *

Summary: Optical fibers can be applied as sensors for pressure, rotation, movement,
temperature, electric flow, strength, stress, and so on. It can also be used as a
transmission medium for the detected signal up to the acquisition system and data
processing module. This technological solution known as “fiber optical sensors” is
becoming more attractive even in applications considered impossible few years ago.
Among the industry segments that take advantage of such new solutions are
petroleum, electricity, telecommunications and the construction area.
There are
specific applications for intrusion detection in security systems that benefit from
interferometry. In this case, Michelson or Sagnac interferometers are extensively
explored. Such solutions can be enhanced for leakage detection systems in oil pipes,
as already reported. However, when huge areas require the monitoring systems,
acoustic signals or mechanical disturbances detection is not sufficient to sense
intrusion or localization.
The Sagnac interferometer features fits better in such
systems, since its response also depends on the distance WHERE the mechanical
disturbance is applied. In this scenario, this work explores the application of the
Sagnac interferometer for mechanical disturbances detections and localization
around well-defined perimeters.
The experimental results are compared with
simulation results obtained after implementing a reported modeling. Mach-Zehnder
interferometer is also set in order to test its potential use on a combined Mach-
Zehnder/Sagnac system.
New applications and technology enhancement can be
explored. This is a first experimental work applying this kind of fiber sensor at LabTel
and serves as a reference for future developments.

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