Name: Elizandra Pereira Roque Coelho
Type: PhD thesis
Publication date: 18/02/2019

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Marcelo Eduardo Vieira Segatto Advisor *

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Augusto César Rueda Medina Internal Examiner *
Elizete Maria Lourenço External Examiner *
Marcelo Eduardo Vieira Segatto Advisor *
Marcia Helena Moreira Paiva Co advisor *
Walbermark Marques dos Santos Internal Examiner *
Walmir de Freitas Filho External Examiner *

Summary: Contingency analysis of power systems represents a critical part of the security monitoring required to maintain the reliability of the power system and identify areas of operational vulnerability of the power grid. In general, the traditional methods of 𝑁 − 1 contingency analysis simulate some interruptions, due to the high computational costs involved. Thus, they may fail to identify some critical contingencies that can lead to cascading failures. Considering also that with the advances of the technologies inserted to the system in order to provide Smart Grids, it is realized that the complexity of the energy system is constantly increasing. Such increased complexity requires new methods that permit
the analysis of multiple contingencies be developed. The present work proposes a new exhaustive search approach for simple and multiple contingency analysis in electric power transmission systems. Such an approach is based on centrality measures of network. First, the proposed method evaluates all possible 𝑁 − 1 transmission line interruptions in a very
short computational time, and only requires topological information from the network. The results are presented for two electric power systems: ITAIPU 11 bus and IEEE 39 bus. The methodology applied to the analysis of multiple contingencies is evaluated for the ITAIPU 11, IEEE 39, IEEE 57 IEEE 118 systems. Finally, in order to cover the applicability of the method to networks with more complex interconnections, a proposal based on algorithm of Dierential Evolution and centrality measures. The proposed methodology is
evaluated for the aforementioned systems, with the addition of the Polish system 2383 bus. Comparisons between the results obtained by the proposed method and the traditional ones are performed. The proposed method works even when traditional system measurements are not available.
Keywords: vulnerability, security analysis, centrality measures, Smart Grid.

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