Name: Odair de Barros Junior
Type: PhD thesis
Publication date: 11/08/2021

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Anselmo Frizera Neto Co-advisor *
Lucas Frizera Encarnação Advisor *

Examining board:

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Anselmo Frizera Neto Co advisor *
Domingos Sávio Lyrio Simonetti Internal Examiner *
Evandro Ottoni Teatini Salles Internal Examiner *
Helber Elias Paz de Souza External Examiner *
Lucas Frizera Encarnação Advisor *
Marcelo Brunoro External Examiner *

Summary: Due to the advance in Power Electronics, several Signal Processing strategies were added to Electric Power Systems controls, increasing its intelligence and adaptation to human use. Several techniques and algorithms can be found in literature, either for the measured signals treatment in electrical systems, for active and reactive power control or maintenance of power quality on buses. All of these strategies depend on tracing of the analyzed voltage or current signals, making the tracking techniques a pivotal stage in development of Power Processing systems. Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) based trackers are the most used in Power Processing systems, being the reference for the development of strategies such as Enhanced PLL (EPLL), PLLs based on p-q Theory and PLLs based on Second Order Generalized Integrator (SOGI). Alternatively, Fourier Series based techniques have become conventionally used for periodic signals, mainly in Biomedical Engineering literature. These strategies, named Fourier Linear Combiner (FLC) can naturally be applied in Electrical Power Systems, presenting itself robust and versatile, as it is intrinsically a harmonic components tracker. Thus, this work intends to
analyze the application of FLC techniques in three-phase electrical power systems, proposing, together, modifications that make it possible to track symmetric components. To prove the proposed strategies efficiency, computational simulations on proper software for Hardware-in the- Loop platforms will be performed, and the results will be analyzed in order to improve the proposal.

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