Name: Daniel Carletti
Type: PhD thesis
Publication date: 16/11/2020

Namesort descending Role
Jussara Farias Fardin Co-advisor *
Lucas Frizera Encarnação Advisor *

Examining board:

Namesort descending Role
Augusto César Rueda Medina Internal Examiner *
Domingos Sávio Lyrio Simonetti Internal Examiner *
Jussara Farias Fardin Co advisor *
Lucas Frizera Encarnação Advisor *
Mauricio Aredes External Examiner *
Walbermark Marques dos Santos Internal Examiner *

Summary: The dynamic stability assessment of electrical power systems is an activity of utmost importance to guarantee the energy delivery to consumers in a safe and stable way. The study of transient stability, which deals with maintaining the generation plants in synchronism with the system, is one of the fundamental parts of this process. With the growth of large energy
generating plants using renewable sources, such as solar photovoltaic, the transient stability is compromised due to the absence of the inertial characteristic responsible for the system stabilization, which is inherent to synchronous generators. A solution to this problem is the adoption of appropriate control strategies, such as the Virtual Synchronous Generators (VSG) so that these plants interface converters can also contribute to the system stability. This thesis aims to evaluate the feasibility of using traditional methods of transient stability analysis used for synchronous machines to assess the stability of VSGs. Once the proposed methods usability has been proven and the VSG contribution to maintaining transient stability is stablished, this thesis proposes, as a second main contribution, the evaluation of the VSG parameters adaptability in order to improve the VSG transient stability.

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